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Is Arizona wheat a "חומרה או מנהג טעות is a perfectly legitimate question

Eliyahu Fink posed a question "Is Arizona wheat a "חומרה או מנהג טעות
a perfectly legitimate question" ?

Well my dear friends here is the problem. Eliyahu Fink is not seeking
an answer to a perfectly legitimate question "is arizona wheat a
"חומרה או מנהג טעות!

How do I know that ? Well Eli Fink has admitted that, in spite of the
fact that there is evidence for a longstanding tradition that supports
the Satmar Chumra, his pre-existing assumptions are driving him to
conclude that this is a case of one-upsmanship.

Eli Fink makes it look as if he learned something but in fact he
missed a halacha in  “Shulchan-Aruch” regarding rainwater on wheat
that  reached maturity.

או"ח תס"ז ס"ה.

שו"ע (או"ח תסז, ה) - דגן שבמחובר שנתייבש לגמרי ואינו צריך ליניקה, כמאן
דמנח בכדא דמי ומקבל חימוץ אם ירדו עליו גשמים 

לשיטת הרשב"א החטים הנקצרים ממקומות שפתו עליהם גשמים כשאינם צריכים
לקרקע - כאן דמנח בכדא. - חמץ

“Shmurah M’shaas Ketzira” according to simple “Shulchan-Aruch” 467.5
means that as soon as the wheat is finished growing even before
harvesting should not get in contact with rain water.

My doctor says: fever is a sign of infection.
Our Torah states: sprouting in wheat is a sign of chumetz, due to the
water that saturated the grain after maturity.

Before bashing others one should make sure not to come out lookinglike the fool…and yes, even according to science, wheat kernels could start togerminate even before harvesting…and the truth is there is nothing new in this “Shmurah m’shaasketzira”, in Israel it never rains weeks before the harvest…sorry… ~Alexander Rapaport 

Dont get me wrong, No one else needs to be bound by this chumra — but
to suggest that the Satmar practice is cut from whole cloth and is
only designed as one-upmanship between warring Satmar sects is
incorrect — at best. 

As explained in my first response to Elyahu Fink "The Inexcusable Sinas Modern Orthodox (MO) for Hareidim"

In the days before the combine harvester came along wheat was generally harvested before it was ripe ("Chayei Odom" Klal 128) in order to prevent wheat shattering, then it was threshed separately after drying, (for p’shutim it was dried in the field and for Shmure it was watched while it dried).

Since the combine came along this changed, the wheat has to be dead and dry before harvest, so it can be cut and threshed at once.

This is where the problem starts, in the eastern states where it rains during the harvest season you know for sure it rained on ripe wheat, so its only good B’shaas Hadchak (when there’s no other choice) ("T’shuvos Meil Z’duku" 69).

Wheat has to dry down to 13% moisture before its stored or it will spoil, A farmer that has available a drier will harvest his wheat at 20% moisture and take on the extra cost of drying in order to save the quality of his wheat, from this stage the rain will hurt the crop and it can sprout which is chometz.

That’s the benefit of growing wheat in Arizona, it doesn’t rain in the day’s when the wheat is mature till it’s dry for harvest and storage.

Does this suggest any improper motive? 

Here's a guy who calls himself a Rabbi and it seems his sole purpose is to fabricate lies about Hareidim!

Did Eli Fink ever address the specifics of a perfectly legitimate question "is Arizona wheat a "חומרה או מנהג טעות "? 

Of Course Not! 

Here is what Eli Fink did have to say: 

"My life experience has told me that there is rarely anything special or holy or religious when it comes to Satmar chumros" 
 "Now I think I can understand why the NY Times found this so interesting. Growing wheat in Arizona so it doesn’t rain on the wheat? It’s irrational. It is religion without reason. It’s exotic, archaic, and mystical. It’s not the Judaism that so many of us practice. It’s a Judaism that almost purposely does not make rational sense and is purely mystical. That’s front page news" 
 " Weberman Supporter"
"You are talking about brainless thugs. It's disgusting that you even put me in the same sentence as them"

That's from some one who calls himself a Rabbi? 

Instead of focusing on" a perfectly legitimate question "is arizona wheat a "חומרה או מנהג טעות " 
Eli Fink looks to glorify machlokes during the 3 weeks. and turn any Davar Shebbikdusha into a Machloketh and Chilul hashem. 

Why this pure Sinas Chinom? 

A person hates you for 3 reasons: 

1) They hate themselves
2) They wanna be you
3) They see you as a threat

My dear friends do you now understand the "perfectly legitimate question "Is Arizona wheat a "חומרה או מנהג טעות " ?

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