Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The biggest flaws in the thinking of the Modern Orthodox (MO) world

  • One of the biggest flaws in the thinking of the Modern Orthodox world is that they tend to view all Chareidim as being a monolith, having collective responsibility for the failings of individuals...

    One of the biggest flaws in the thinking of the Modern Orthodox world is that, having adapted modern culture and values, they have difficulty dealing with dogmatic, absolute, hard-and-fast rules, which Judaism abounds with. It's much more "with it" to talk about touchy-feely moral relativism and call it Mitzvos Bein Adam L’Chaveiro (BALC), Tikkun Olam, and other trope. Not that they don't technically observe most of those rules, but they get much more excited about Tikkun Olam in Africa or serving in the IDF than they do about the mitzvah of Etrog for example...

    Monday, January 27, 2014

    Mark Meyer Appel so called "Voice of Justice" accuses Ger, Belz Satmar Rebbes fleeing the Nazis while leaving behind their Hasidim.

    Its about time this self serving "Buffoon" (activists) "Azus Ponim" Mark Meyer Appel so called Voice of Justice is exposed. 

    In response to a well researched book regarding Gerer Rebbe, Belzer Rebbe, Satmar Rebbe escape in 1944, by MS Esther FARBSTEIN an orthodox Jewish woman which  examines from the vantage point of halakha (Jewish law) in “Hidden in Thunder.” 

    Mark Meyer Appel had this to say:


    Thursday, January 9, 2014

    Jeff Jacoby thanks public for prayers for missing son

    (JTA) — Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby again thanked the public for their expressions of concern over his still-missing son, Caleb.
    “Never have the words ‘prayers’ & ‘praying’ so dominated my email inbox,” Jacoby tweeted at 2 a.m. Thursday. “The outpouring of concern for Caleb has been incredibly heartening.”
    Jacoby also tweeted that his 10-year-old son, Micah, has been praying for his older brother’s return.
    “Our 10-yr-old, Micah, has been reciting Psalm 121 each morning & night since his big brother Caleb went missing,” the tweet read.
    The Psalm, which begins: “I lift my eyes up to the hills where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord…,” ends with: “The Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.”
    Caleb Jacoby, 16, has been missing since midday on Jan. 6, when he reportedly left home. Police believe Caleb, an 11th-grader at the Maimonides School in suburban Boston, may be a runaway.

    Who Didn't Want Us Dead ?

    Tuesday, January 7, 2014

    Daas Torah - Issues of Jewish Identity: Menachem Stark - there were many who didn't want h...

    Daas Torah - Issues of Jewish Identity: Menachem Stark - there were many who didn't want h...: Guest post from a reliable source:

    Friday morning, I got the following whatsaap message from a friend that grew up in Williamsburg.....

    "C/p A popular millionaire businessman, a Satmar Hasid, was kidnapped from his Williamsburg office, according to police reports in New York. Brooklyn Police said that Menachem Stark was kidnapped by two assailants at 11:30 p.m. on Thursday. According to video surveillance, the two suspects were waiting outside Stark’s office, which is located in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, jumped on him, threw him into a big white van, and drove away. Police said that numerous phone calls to Stark’s cellphone went unanswered. Due to the snowstorm, police are unable to efficiently search for the victim or the suspects. Police searched Stark’s office, where they were looking for clues. Stark is a strong supporter of the Satmar grand rabbi. Last week, the rabbi's wife held a fundraiser at Stark’s home."

    Slightly shaken, I went on the rest of the day without giving it a thought. You see, I don't know Menachem Shtark. I'm not from Williamsburg. I don't live in Brooklyn. I don't even live in New York State. I'm also not Chasidic, and even had i joined them it certainly wouldn't be to their Satmar brand....

    Surely, it'll work out fine. I must have figured.....

    What’s Wrong with the New York Post’s Menachem Stark Story | FrontPage Magazine

    What’s Wrong with the New York Post’s Menachem Stark Story | FrontPage Magazine

    The backlash to the ugly New York Post story on murdered developer Menachem Stark has been covered elsewhere. His brother-in-law wrote anangry response of his own.
    But let’s look at what is actually wrong with the New York Post’s Stark story by Larry Celona, Jamie Schram and Aaron Short, aside from its ugly tone.
    1. The New York Post calls Menachem Stark a slumlord. That’s a meaningless term in New York City’s combative landlord-tenant wars where lawsuits come easy, non-profit advocacy groups are eager to get involved and everyone raises their accusations to 11.
    Anyone who deals with renting apartments to low income residents is going to be called a slumlord and sued sooner or later. It’s an entire industry and a fact of life.

    Sunday, January 5, 2014

    Agudath Israel releases statement -condemns NY post coverage of Murder of orthodox Jew

    Agudath Israel Condemns NY Post’s Lack Of “Basic Human Dignity”

    The New York Post crossed a line today, even for a paper specializing in the sensational, with its offensive front-page cover and equally offensive coverage of the vicious murder of a  young Hassidic father of eight, Menachem Stark, Hy”d.

    The paper demonstrated the poorest taste by choosing to focus on anonymous accusations rather than on the human tragedy of a wife and family’s sudden and terrible loss, and on their, and their community’s, grieving.  Particularly at a time when Jews have been attacked on New York streets and are regularly vilified by hateful people around the world, the tabloid has demonstrated unprecedented callousness and irresponsibility.

    Statement By ‘Di Tzeitung’: NY Post Dragging Us Back Into ‘Tale Of Two Cities’

    The following is a lengthy statement by one of the most read newspapers in the Orthodox Jewish Community, De Tzeitung (The News Report):
    The press coverage of the brutal murder of Mr. Menachem Stark is being dragged into the cesspool by the sewer “journalism” of the New York Post. From that rag, nothing better is to be expected. If blaming the victim is going to sell a few more papers, then so be it. True to their tradition, whenever a Chassidic Jew is involved in anything “newsworthy,” leave it to the Post to lead the charge to vilify, slander, libel not only the person in the news, but by extension the entire Chassidic community and their lifestyle, trying to reach as far as possible.
    It is a sad day when the rest of the more respectable press and media don’t have the courage to stick to the facts, to show some common decency and compassion and yes, even to condemn the rag that puts their entire profession to shame.